About Us

Hi there! I am Federico, the owner and founder of TheWiseGuyPh, which started in 2017.

I was having financial and emotional difficulties during those trying times. I’m supporting a family of 5 using my meager earnings as an engineer in a telecommunications company.

You might not know, but engineers are usually underpaid and overworked. And I had only known it when I started my career.

But I still have no regrets in my chosen field.

It gave me one of the best lessons in budgeting my finances by knowing and focusing on the core needs of my family. And it eventually helped me to be wise in my spending habits.

Though many are mocking me with words like “kuripot” and “madamot.”

I’ll say that it’s partially true because I need to be kuripot to sustain my cash flow. But somewhat false because I’m not madamot, especially to my family and others in need.

If you’re going to ask me if I get offended?

Before, I was so ready to shove my ATM card down their throat, haha!

Kidding aside, I understand that they only know little about me. Like you, I don’t usually share my life struggles with anyone.

They don’t know how many parties, lunch outs, sales, gadgets, and vacations I have missed because I need to prioritize my family and future.

It’s just that when my father died, my whole family felt so helpless. It was a mixture of emotional and financial pain. We don’t have savings to cover his final expenses and resorted to begging for mercy from relatives.

Just the same old story, no one helped us.

I still vividly remember waiting for a relative we thought could help but never showed.

Doors were shut.

We were unwelcomed.

(I don’t know why water always rolls down my eyes whenever thinking about the past.)

From that time, I realized that I should only rely on myself, and it must never happen again with my family.

It should never happen to your family. Not to anyone.

It was when TheWiseGuyPh was born.

I created this so I can share with you the humble lessons in life that I have learned. The experiences that shaped me into who I am today can hopefully inspire you to climb greater heights.

I’m not there yet but continuously working my way up. And with God’s guidance, I know someday I will.

Come and join me in this journey, and together let’s reach our goals 🙂


P.S. Please forgive my grammatical mistakes. I know they are plenty, but I assure you that I am still working on improving it 🙂


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

(Jeremiah 29: 11)


Engr. Federico Suan, Jr., CIS

Why choose Federico to be your Financial Advisor?

  • Young professional. Picking a young Financial Advisor means he can grow old with you. It is a lifelong commitment, and he is ready to serve.
  • Friendly with the utmost professionalism. He won’t give you that ultra-silent awkward moment when meeting up—no dull moments. He ensures an enjoyable and factual meeting.
  • Reachable. You might have a sudden question so crucial with you; that’s why his lines are always open to attend your needs.
  • Well-trained Financial Advisor. Attended several pieces of training and seminars inside and outside Sun Life to upskill himself because you only deserve the best.
  • Needs-based financial solutions. His financial advice is based on your current financial situation and needs.
  • Non-discriminating. His clients range from minimum wage earners to engineers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, company directors, etc.
  • Full-time Financial Advisor. He can meet you in any place that you feel convenient with you any time of every day.
  • Purpose and substance. His mission is to help clients achieve lifetime financial security and healthier lives.

Engr. Federico Suan, Jr., CIS
Financial Advisor
Mobile/Viber: 0917-775-8352 or 0943-821-4752
Email: federico.suan@gmail.com


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Disclaimer: I am a proud Sun Life Financial Advisor who can help you in your journey towards financial freedom. However, my posts only reflect my personal views and opinions.