Reaching Millions of Filipinos Thru Social Media

I’m glad to share with you my experience on my recent and first-ever talk last July 30, 2018. This is the third time I was invited to talk about the importance of having a social media presence. So why did I ditched the two and accepted the third invite? Well, a friend from Alabang has invited me to be their guest speaker on their unit meeting and I can’t say no. I’m ultra happy that didn’t say no because of the warm welcome and their attention to my presentation were beyond I could have imagined. (Hooray! Blue Herons!)

Why is Social Media Presence Important?

Most of you might be thinking why such a well-producing unit like the Blue Herons Unit headed by UM Adelina “Deng” Villacorte would want to invite someone and talk about social media, right? But did you know that the Philipines has a population of more than 106 Million with which 67 Million has access to the internet? That’s a lot of Filipinos right there waiting for you! Well, I exaggerated that a bit but 67 Million is a lot of Pinoys right?

On top of that figure, Filipinos spend an average of 9 hours and  28 minutes using the internet a day and almost 4 hours of it on Facebook. It looks like we do spend more time on the internet than working (ideally we work for 8 hours but I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, okay!).

Given a Plaque of Appreciation for my Talk

This could have been a perfect picture if I’m looking at the camera. Left-to-right: Carl Villaceran, UM Adelina “Deng” Villacorte, Federico Suan, Jr., Sher Tobias.

Look! I got a plaque. This is the most memorable plaque I received because this is the only one hehe it’s my first plaque. I was initially hesitant to accept the invitation because of my lack of experience in public speaking but after my talk, it felt like I’ll be doing a few more. Shoutout to Carl Villaceran and Sher Tobias for inviting me. Cheers to our success in spreading financial literacy on social media.

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