3 Deadly Canned Foods You Might be Eating

Don’t you love eating corned beef with a fried egg on top of garlic fried rice for breakfast? Even that ginisang sardinas with fresh tomatoes and malunggay is also good to be paired with rice.

How about your favorite spaghetti made from canned tomatoes (whole peeled and diced), sliced canned mushrooms, and liver spread (I tasted one and it’s delicious!).

Did it whet your appetite? I guess it did. These are the common Filipino recipes that use canned goods.

Some of you might be planning their next trip to the nearest supermarket but before you buy canned items you may want to ditch it when any of these signs are present.

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3 Signs Your Canned Foods Might be Deadly to Consume

1) Dented Cans

Canned foods are often made with tin cans that are laminated with plastic (the yellow lining inside the can) that helps prevent the food from having direct contact with the metal. When a can is dented, lamination might be torn and food inside will touch the metal. Albeit non-deadly, food that has a high concentration of tin can cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, bloating, and fever.

Severely dented cans might have a pinhole-size opening where the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum can enterThis bacteria is linked to botulism, a rare but severe illness that can be fatal.

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Did you know that dented cans are cheaper? You can ask a discount when the cans are dented because of the extra risk it has, i.e. it might be contaminated. Keep in mind that these cans are not of superior quality and may act against your health. I know it’s tempting but please refrain from buying it as it may be deadly.

2) Bloated Cans

Aside from the dents, we should also be mindful of the bloated cans as it is a clear sign that the can have a leak and air might be trapped inside it. Leaking cans is also a breeding ground for Clostridium botulinum which causes botulism.

3) Rusted Cans

When the rust on the can doesn’t come off after wiping then it shouldn’t have a place in your pantry.

Botulism: Rare but Deadly

Botulism is a rare but severe illness that targets the nervous system that leads to paralysis. Symptoms may appear after 8-36 hrs from exposure, this will affect the facial muscles first then gradually spread to the breathing muscles that can eventually cause respiratory failure.

The bacteria Clostridium botulinum can form spores that can live even under unfavorable condition. Spores produce a certain kind of toxin that is heat resistant, this causes botulism and when consumed even with the smallest amount can be fatal.

Discard canned foods when any of these signs are present because of the negative impact it has on your health.


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