4 Reasons Why You Are Not Investing

4 reasons why you are not investing

If money is not an issue, what would you buy or do? Perhaps, I would like to travel the world, especially France, and eat their local cuisines. Maybe, I’ll attend seminars about self-development, costing a few hundred thousand pesos. I’ll also send my sister and nephew to a better school. And I might buy a van for my grandmother for her travels with friends.

But if I’ll ask you the same question, how would you answer it?

Reasons why you are not investing

Isn’t it nice to daydream about the things you would want to have? Too bad we can only imagine for now. Because in reality, money is always a problem. Earning more is already a problem, and growing it is another.

Maybe we are just one step away from getting there, closer to our dreams. Admittedly, some things hinder us from doing so.

So here are the 4 reasons why you are not investing yet.

Lack of Time

Probably, one of the ultimate reason is time. You don’t have time to learn how investing works. Maybe you would rather watch your favorite series in your free time. Don’t get me wrong because I’m also guilty in binge-watching series, especially the Itaewon Class hehe!

But I guess it’s just a matter of priority because everyone has the same 24 hours as you. How you are going to succeed and multiply your wealth will depend on how you are using it.

Lack of Money

You might feel like investing is only for the rich and big guys. Well, before, it is true because it’s not easy to invest in bonds, stocks, real estate, etc. if you don’t have millions. But now you can start investing with just Php 1,000, for example, in a mutual fund.

But in case you are having difficulty in budgeting, then I’ll link blog post to help you with that.

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Lack of Trust

No one wants to get scammed, right? I understand your fear, given all the investment fraud surfacing from left to right. But how can you be sure that you are investing in a real deal? I think the trust issues you have comes with the fourth reason, i.e., lack of knowledge.

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Lack of Knowledge

You become too wary of investing your money because you are fearful. What if the company is a scam? What if they promised too much? There’s too much “what ifs” clouding your decision.

The only thing you need to have is knowledge. You have to be willing to learn about the company’s legitimacy. Remember that you’re just one click about from the truth, so use Google well. You must also understand how the company is earning.

Final thoughts:

You are being paid for the work you render as an employee. It is what we called active income because you are doing all the work. On the other hand, investing is like letting your money work for you. It is called passive income because your money is at work. Thus, giving you more value for your hard-earned money.

I hope you’ll start investing as soon as you have overcome the 4 reasons stated above.

Happy investing 🙂


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