5 Ways to Effectively Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

5 ways to effectively achieve new year's resolution

January is the perfect month to plan, imagine, perhaps, visualize how you’ll see the whole year. It’s an important month because it will set the tone of your entire year. Just how every year is a brand new opportunity for you to change your bad habits, develop new skills, dream bigger, and achieve goals in life.

So here are the 5 ways to help you in achieving your new year’s resolution.

1. Write it down

Don’t just think about your resolutions make sure to write it down. According to neuroscience, writing your goals will increase the odds of achieving it by 20 to 40%. You may write it down on your planner or on a whiteboard where you can see it strategically.

2. Monitor your progress

Make sure to always monitor your progress. Because knowing where you are can help you see how near you are in achieving your goals. Or if you still have a long way to go then probably you may consider changing something that isn’t working for you.

3. Make it SMART

Remember to always make your goal a SMART goal. So why? Simple, which among the two goals do you think is more achievable: buying a house or buying a house in BGC Taguig worth Php 5 Million by 2025. I guess you got it right, it’s the latter. So if you want to increase the odds of getting your new year’s resolution then make it a SMART goal.

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4. Share it with everyone

Have you tried daydreaming about something? Like going to your dream destination like France. Getting your portrait taken with your signature pose next to the Eiffel Tower. I know it feels so good, maybe excited, right? That’s the same feeling you can get by telling your goals to your friends.

Talk to them as if you are about to get it with full of emotions, energy, and excitement. Trust me, you can achieve your goals by holding on to those emotions. Because you simply can’t afford to let it slip right before your eyes.

5. Compliment yourself

Above all, remember to always compliment yourself for a job well done. Every task you made no matter how small is always a step forward closer to your dreams. It will also help you to start the day by telling to yourself how good you are and how great the day will become.


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