Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon: A Spiritual Encounter of a Lifetime

ang lingkod ng panginoon makatiAng Lingkod ng Panginoon or The Servant of the Lord is a Catholic movement composed of single young professionals dedicated in “Christifying the workplace”. Did the first sentence scare you? But will you accept the invitation if you’re invited to attend an event they organized? Though I was skeptical at first to join but it turns out to be the best decision I made for this year, or my entire life even if it’s still too early to say that.

Taking Chancesang lingkod ng panginoon makati 2

Our team of Sun Life advisors stayed in a coffee shop to mingle because we only meet once a month. There’s this new Sun Life advisor named Roxanne, certified accountant, and happens to be single as well. I guess you know what happened next. We’re both single so everyone is like pushing us to get to know each other. They have had a good amount of kilig from us. The time comes that Roxanne leaves as she needs to attend a Lingkod ng Panginoon event. My co-advisors was telling me to follow her. A week after she invited me to Lingkod ng Panginoon Makati Branch thru messenger.

I accepted the invitation, not because of kilig or what but because it’s the first time I encountered a Catholic community. I was intrigued in a way as I also had the chance to attend some Christian Community but not a Catholic one. I’m a Catholic by faith and it’s something I would like to see maybe just to compare but not really to be part of it.

A Little Knowledge is Dangerous

ang lingkod ng panginoon makati 3I went to the venue with a clear intention of just observing the community. I graduated from a Catholic school so I feel like I know enough and being part of a community isn’t necessary anymore. I can still remember that the topic that time is about being a true Christian. Having integrity or being consistent in your values regardless if no one can see you doing it. That topic leaves me hungry to know more and to observe if they do practice what they preach.

I’ll tell you that they are really consistent inside and even outside the venue. Another commendable and noticeable from the members are their smiles. It’s very pure and genuine. I can’t put it in words but they smile differently. It’s the kind of smile I would like to achieve. I guess it’s a smile coming from a joyful heart.

The More You Learn the Less You Know

ang lingkod ng panginoon makati 4Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon has been my go-to place every Friday night. The talks made me realize that what I know about Him is just minuscule of who he’s truly is. I was blinded by the illusion I made that what I know was enough. It’s dangerous in the sense that I made myself believe that I was okay with it and I don’t need someone or a community may be to improve my relationship with Him. I was wrong. I indeed need a community that can look after my actions. A community that can give feedback without making me feel less of a person. Above all it makes me feel that there’s still a lot to learn about God.

Start by Observing?

ang lingkod ng panginoon makati 5I started my journey in Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon by observing what the community is all about and the rest is history. All you need to have is your willing heart to join an event or two so you can see how you can benefit from the community. Plus you’ll never know unless you tried. If you like what you read then why not join us for at least once? For more information, you may contact me using the following.

Engr. Federico Suan, Jr.

3 thoughts on “Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon: A Spiritual Encounter of a Lifetime

  1. I honor you Bro for being a good brother thru and thru. Thank you for the advices that you shared and the wonderful services that you lend. You are a true friend. I am thankful for the community because I got to know you more thru our AG. God bless you in your endeavors and we’re here for you. Take care always Bro.

  2. Best decision in life. This is where we meet and our friendship grows. I honor you bro not only being a AG mate but being a dear friend to me. I am really glad I meer you in the community. Always praying for you bro. I am just a message away. Ingat and God Bless

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