5 Lessons From Being A Blogger In The Philippines

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A mentoring session with Raymund Camat, founder of MoneyTalkPH

Yes, I made it! This is the 4th year of TheWiseGuyPH. As a celebration, let me share with you the 5 life lessons I learned from blogging as my 100th post. You know being an independent blogger especially in the Philippines is hard but fun. I started without knowing what to do and look at where this blog is now. The challenges did not stop me from producing quality content for my readers, like you. So thanks to all of you for patronizing my creative space.

5 Lessons I Learned from Blogging

TheWiseGuyPH started in 2017. That’s the time when blogging is no longer as big as it was before. Mainly because most are transitioning from written content into video creatives. As an engineer, I have never imagined myself writing articles.

I can analyze scientific and mathematical problems but not checking grammar. Even until now, I’m still having a hard time. But I guess my passion is big enough to endure those challenges.

Here are the lessons I learned from being a blogger in the Philippines.

1. The best time to start is now

Several business owners said that the bulk of their business is from people they don’t even know. Probably because our friends might be thinking of other things aside from doing business with us. Unlike strangers who only see the benefits and how it can address their needs.

That’s exactly what I have experienced. Those who supported my blog are the people I don’t even know. My friends would rarely interact with my posts. No bad feelings for them. I just learned to move on and continue what I have started.

At that time, I don’t have skills in creative writing, photo editing, and even marketing my blog. But I still pursued my passion for sharing all of this with you.

The first lesson here is there’s no such thing as a perfect time to start. So start where you are and trust the process that you’ll find all the things you need along the way.

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2. Be patient and persistent

The results did not come instantly. I was persistent and decided to just continue with what I’m doing. I can still remember visiting my blog several times a day to increase my views. Oh, those are the days I was just so happy looking at my blog.

As I always say, most, if not all of my post, is based on my experiences? Just like when I shared how to get COR from BIR. That’s my experience when I got my COR as a mixed-income earner. I received several comments, texts, calls, and emails, and more than half of them are very rude and impolite. So most of them end up in my trash. Oops!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy replying to comments. You’ll even notice that some of my replies can be published as a separate post. But I did not because I want to sincerely help. Sometimes I don’t understand why they can’t be polite?

Those moments make me value patience more. I don’t want to give them the same energy. I need to be polite to them so they’ll know my values. Hoping it will become theirs too.

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3. Ask help from experts

Lucky me, I know someone who’s into blogging. He’s actually my manager in Sun Life when I tried being a part-time insurance agent. He is Raymund Camat, the owner and founder of MoneyTalkPH. I wouldn’t make it this far blogging in the Philippines without his help.

So look for someone you know who is also an expert in the field you want to venture into. But make sure to ask politely and think of something or a way to help him. Remember that it’s a two-way street. Think of what is in it for them as well.

4. Feed your competitive spirit

As I mentioned earlier, I visit my blog often to check my google ranking. I really wanted to know what’s the latest trend so I can outrank my competitors or how can I maintain my ranking. Being updated with what’s going on keeps me on my toes and fuels my competitive spirit.

It’s very important in this field to stay relevant. And being competitive is not a bad thing. Because I am not competing with others. They are just my benchmarks. I’m only competing with my previous best.

In the process, I learn, I survive, and eventually thrive.

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5. Don’t forget to enjoy

I experienced sleepless nights in writing my blogs because I cannot do it during the day. Sometimes it also takes me several days before I can finish a well-written blog. Oh, sometimes it takes weeks.

I pause and unwind when needed. There are several love letters I receive via email and messenger. I read them all and even took pictures as it energizes me and makes me think that what I’m doing now is valuable to them.

And that’s the very essence of why this blog has started.

Final thoughts:

Thank you for supporting this blog. Yes, I’m not earning much from this but it means so much more than money. I learned who I can lean on and gained new friends. You all made my heart full from your love messages. And I can’t thank all of you enough.

There is so much more I learned from blogging but just trimmed it down to 5 lessons. If you are preparing for a climb in your life and you can’t start yet. Ask yourself, “Will the environment is still okay when you’re ready?”

While preparation is good but too much of it is not.

So start now. Keep going. Do your best. Because this will be your best climb.


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