Why Breadwinners Should Get a Life Insurance?

sun life insurance for breadwinners in the philippinesDo you know what? I want you to be insured. That’s true and this is not because I’m affiliated with an insurance company. I’ll be honest, it opened the doors for me to deeply appreciate the value of life insurance. The sole reason is that I came from a household that the breadwinner, my father nor mother, is not insured. I personally experienced all the emotional pain and financial hardship from taking the role that I am not ready yet. And I believe that no one has to experience the same if only breadwinners like you can see its value.

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3 Reasons of Why You Need to Get a Life Insurance

So I’ll be sharing with you the reasons why I want you to be insured. This is very close to my heart because I experienced all of these from assuming the role left by my father.

I hope this can somewhat help you appreciate its importance. And eventually, see the need for your family.

Reason #1. Family Suffers 3 Kinds of Deaths

sun life insurance philippinesThe first reason is that when a breadwinner dies the family will experience 3 kinds of death. Yes, that too much of pain, right?

The wife will lose a husband, children lose a father, and the whole family will lose an income. In my case, we are not ready to lose a father nor financially ready to take his role.

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So by the time he leaves us the realization sets in as soon as we get to settle his final expense. This becomes worse as we try to live day after day without him.

Reason #2. Family Members are Begging for Help

When my father died, we don’t have the means to settle his final expense because we are just depending on his income. Like most of us do because most of us are born and raised dependent on our parents.

I can still remember going to some family friends and relatives to ask for financial assistance.

Some did extend help while most just turned their back on us. Doors were closed. Some pretended that they’re away from home.

During those days, we’re in despair, helpless, hurt, and it’s the feeling I don’t want my family, including you, to experience.

Reason #3. Someone has to Take the Role of the Breadwinner

the value of life insurance in very household in the philippines

When a breadwinner dies someone in the family will have to take up the role. Because the family needs to move forward living their lives and fulfill their dreams. In our household, I bravely took up the role not because I am ready but because someone has to. If no one will fill his place our debts and bills will continue to pile up and may lead to more serious financial problems in the future.

Final Thoughts:

Life insurance as a glance can simply seem like an expense to every household. Like most of us has a wrong connotation of getting life insurance as if we are throwing money. But it’s something you get not because someone has to die but because your family must continue living. Remember all your hard work, the life you would like them to give, how about your dreams for them? If you love them that much then better seal those dreams with life insurance.


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