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Christmas SidelineThe past week I was asked to host not just one but two Christmas Party in a single week. I was like really? Me hosting an event is the last thing I would like to do this Christmas. Geez, no one was taking the role so I guess it is really meant for me though I’m quite hesitant, I accepted it. After the events, it was both exhausting and extremely fun. I never thought I could ever stand in front of a large crowd as I did. Maybe I wasn’t good enough as this was only my first time but their affirmation on my new found skill, should I even call it a skill hehe, is priceless. 

Lingkod ng Panginoon: Back to 90’s Christmas Party

If you are an avid reader, (I don’t know if I really have an avid reader so please comment down below I would like to get to know you better) you know that I’ve been a member of Lingkod since May of this year. You might be thinking that being part of a Catholic community is “no” fun but actually we enjoy getting together once in a while just having fun. The community also teaches us more than deepening our faith in God but also to be a good financial steward, a leader, and a servant.

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Our party happened last December 6, 2018, in Avida Tower in Makati. I hosted the event with our ever beautiful Lingkod member, Joyce. Some of my friends tell me I can do it because I’m used to speaking to a lot of people every day but that’s different. I’m just talking to one or two at a time but not a large audience. You know what, God is truly amazing for getting out the tension in me. I wasn’t nervous at all but I still prayed not for myself but for the audience. I prayed that they will enjoy the program. And I felt they did from all the good words we’ve got from them after the closing.

Sun Life: Crazy Rich Asians Christmas Party 2018

So here comes another Christmas Party in Sun Life just happening after 4 days from my last hosting gig (feeling professional hehe). I embraced the day equipped with all the good words I got from my kapatids (by the way we call each other kapatid, brother, or sister) in Lingkod. One secret I guess that makes my hosting a success is I’m always partnered with a great host and this time with Kaia. We’ve got a lot of compliments like we have made the party so fun, we are a good team, are jokes are spot on etc. What they do not know is that our organizer Ms. Kyla Soong was so good at planning the party and of course we also had a lot of fun doing it. You can see it in our picture above hehe.


I almost declined the offer because of fear. Because it was something new and I’m not used to doing it. And after the two hosting, I realized that it was only me stopping myself from being the person I can be. If I don’t try then I’ll never know and discover myself. My colleagues are telling me to host another event or make it a sideline but who knows if it will materialize soon. I’ll keep you updated with that. Before I end my post, I would like to encourage you to do something today that scares you because you may not know where are you heading just like me.


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