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Last year, I was planning to buy a bag from Zalora. So I’m searching for a voucher code to get an additional discount. But then I found ShopBack, a third-party app that lets me get the bag I wanted and get some cash as a reward from the transaction I made. It somehow lessens the guilt of spending on my wants. I also used a voucher code for more discounts and got cashback thru the Shopback app. That’s a triple win for me right there.

Earn While You Shop

Shopback is a third-party app that provides incentives, in the form of cash, for every online purchase you made using their application. At first, it sounded very scammy to my ears, haha. I visited their page and was bombarded by their promotions. Here’s how their website look’s like.

So I did mini research about it and viewed reviews from people who tried their service just to learn that they are subscribed to the affiliate program of the most popular e-commerce site.

In short, they earn once you buy anything from the listed sites above, and they will share a portion of it as cashback to you. Thus, it’s a win-win situation because you will get to have a portion of the earning.

3 Ways to Earn in Shopback

You sure can earn points by using your credit card for your online purchases, but why not stretch the benefits a bit more when you use Shopback instead of going straight to your favorite online store. You can earn some cash by using Shopback in 3 ways, such as signing up, telling your friends, and shopping.

Sign-up an Account and Get Php 200

You will get Php 100 once you sign-up for an account and another Php 100 when you made at least Php 500 worth of purchase. You can sign-up using your Facebook account or email address, as shown from the image below. Sign-up now by clicking here.

How to sign-up for Shopback

Refer 3 Friends and Get Php 800 Cashback

You can also earn some cash when you refer the application to your friends. The current promo of Shopback is you’ll get Php 800 when you successfully referred 3 friends. Upon logging to your account, you can now refer to Shopback to your friends.

As you can see, I made Php959.12 already just by using the app when shopping online and by referring some friends. Just copy the link and send it to your friends via Facebook, email, or text and once they successfully signed up,  you will get Php 100.

Shop and Earn

Aside from the sign-up and referral bonus, I also get cashback from every purchase I made. Who wouldn’t love that? I even get Php 5 cashback for every grab ride, got a cashback from loading my prepaid sim (10% discount from Lazada and 1.5% cashback from ShopBack). I guess the discount goes well with cashback.

How to Redeem Your Earnings?

You can now redeem your earnings once you accumulated at least Php 300 worth of cashback. It excludes all the bonuses you get from signing up. If you have a PayPal account, click your profile, then click the add e-wallet and fill out the form.

If you wanted a bank transfer, then click the add bank and fill-up some information.

After filling out some info, you can now enter the amount you would like to redeem (at least Php 300) and click withdraw. The withdrawal will be credited to your PayPal or bank account after 7-14 days.

That’s how I earn money from shopping. Can you also earn money by sharing this post with your friends?

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