5 Things to Learn from the ECQ

Enhanced Community Quarantine

Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ)has been extended until April 30. Though, we aren’t still sure if it will be extended again since we haven’t reached the peak yet. But one thing is for sure, we all learned from this experience.

So here are the 5 things you could learn from this Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Importance of employees in a company

You learned how your company values your welfare during this pandemic. Most offered work from home setup while others gave their employees with full salary even if they cannot go to work. It’s something that will surely make you love your work even more, right?

Nobody gets poor by giving

Everyone has embraced the idea of giving especially to our less fortunate countrymen and frontliners. The situation proves that bayanihan attitude is still present in modern times. Because you know that the only way to end this COVID-19 pandemic is by working together as one.

Become closer with family

The world is moving so fast you forget that the main reason you’re working hard is your family. This has become a blessing in disguise to bond and enjoy little moments with them. You have realized that time is really short and it can be taken away from you in a snap.

Emergency Fund

It has thought to us the importance of having emergency funds. This is clearly one of the best examples of when it can be used. You can use it to buy food and medical supplies to minimize your outside exposure. You can also use this fund to settle your other financial obligations while some of your side hustles are on hold.

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More time for self-development

You have more time to develop and equip yourself with skills that can help you in your career advancement. Maybe to improve your financial quotient by reading books or listening to podcasts. You may also use this time to reflect, pray, and express gratitude to God for the blessing you’ve gotten.

We realized that there are things appearing to be simple and yet so important to us. It’s just us being exposed again to these things.

Stay safe everyone 🙂


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