How to Enroll a Biller in BPI: Pay Utility Bills via Online Banking

How to Enroll Biller in BPI

Paying bills has never been so easy via online and mobile banking. If you are like me, who can’t stand the long queue in a bank or payment centers, then it’s our best option. It will save us not only time but also money from transportation.

7 Steps to Enroll a Biller in BPI via Online Banking

You can save money when you pay your bills online. It’s the money that you can use for other essential purchases, add to your investments, buy books for self-development, etc. Aside from it, you will also save time, which you can use for more productive activities to reach goals in life.

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So here’s how to enroll a biller in BPI via Online.

1. Log-in to your BPI Express Online Account

How to Enroll a Biller in BPI via Online Banking

Go to and log-in to your account in BPI Online.

2. Click “Other Services” and then click “Manage Recipients.”

How to Enroll a Biller in BPI via Online Banking 02

Now, click the “Other Services” tab and then click the “Enroll Billers.” Once done, click next.

3. Click the”Add New Recipient”

How to Enroll a Biller in BPI via Online Banking 03

Click the “Add New Recipient” button on the upper right portion of your screen.

4. Select “Billers” as the Recipient

How to Enroll a Biller in BPI via Online Banking 04

Choose “Billers” as the type of recipient.

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5. Select the “Bill” to Enroll and then enter the “Reference Number

How to Enroll a Meralco Bill in BPI via Online Banking

Look for the bill you wish to enroll in this facility. And then enter the reference number. So here’s how you can find the reference number in your bills.

  • Meralco: 10-digit customer’s account number
  • Maynilad: Contract Account Number
  • Manila Water Company: Contract Account Number
  • PLDT: 10-digit account number

6. Enter the “One-Time-PIN”

Click “Yes, send me the code” and enter the OTP.

7. Click “Done”

In just a few clicks, you are done.

You can now pay the enrolled bill every month hassle-free and stress-free.


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