Financial Planning Done Beyond Your Needs

I love my clients and one way of showing that as a Financial Advisor is by adding value to what I do and show that I do really care. This is more than just a sale for me rather it’s journey with them in securing their financial future. Everyone, or most, had received an offer from a friend or relative to get an insurance policy, right? My clients are not an exemption. They are also offered multiple times but in the end, they choose me to be their Financial Advisor. If you’re thinking of getting it from me then this blog is perfect for you!

Why Did They Choose Me?

Well, I guess because I don’t look like someone who’s gonna run away their money. Kidding aside, maybe because they can see how I value my job to the point of going beyond their needs. I don’t send pushy text messages or calls that can irate my clients, value their privacy and give an ample time to decide on what they gonna get.

I tell them everything they need to know in the simplest way. We didn’t meet to discuss it technically, we meet to share how it can help them in every milestone they get in their life. No concealment or whatsoever just to make the plan perfect for them because there’s no such thing.

Remember that an insurance plan must answer your needs and it doesn’t need to be perfect. Don’t go for the cheap one that won’t release your benefits when you need it the most. Get it from a reputable company with a proven track record and satisfied clients. You may also consider getting it from someone worth your trust (like me!).

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Servicing Done Right Made Even Brighter

The picture above is a yellow envelope I give to my clients so they can always remember me (even though they don’t have a choice because my name is all over the envelope haha!) whenever they open their policy. This is a simple token to show my gratitude to them for trusting me as their Financial Advisor. The most important thing in the envelope, of course, is their insurance policy showing their firm commitment to have a brighter life.

This also includes a book by Chinkee Tan named My Ipon Diary which I personally like because it’s written in layman’s term. I read it in one sitting and that’s how good the book. Aside from that I also put a sticker showing how they can pay their succeeding premiums from different payment facilities.

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My Most Beautiful Name on Your Policy

You might be wondering why I put my name on the envelope. Is it important? Or does it really have importance? If you think of it when something bad happened to you or if you die too soon then your family can easily call me, my name is strategically placed on the envelope,  in those times to assist them on claims. Imagine the trouble they have to undergo just figuring out where to start. By having my name affixed to the envelope they can easily contact me in times of need or assistance.

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