How to Achieve Your Goals by Being SMART

the-wise-guy-ph-smart-goalThis might actually be the most popular way to achieve your goals by making it a SMART goal. Tama, dahil kung smart ka dapat SMART din ang goals mo!

SMART goal makes you clarify your idea, track your progress, and focus on your time and resources effectively, thus, increasing your chances of getting your goals in life.

Wait lang ha, ano ba ang meaning ng SMART?

SMART means specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. A mnemonic dated back in 1981 by George T. Doran from his Management Review. (

SMART Goals 101

Let’s break down the mnemonic and define it as simple as possible.

Specific- you must state what you want (brand, location, color, size, etc.)
Measurable- how much it is? How many?
Achievable- must be attainable
Relevant- how important it is to you?
Time-bound- deadline to track your progress

This is, of course, best explained with an example. I will share with you my plan of getting a SPVUL for myself before the year ends.

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Go Suan, kaya mo yan!!! 

This is how my SMART goal should look like.


I wanted to open a SPVUL account from Sun Life called Sun Maxilink One. I already have a VUL account called Sun Maxilink Prime which gives me and my family financial security and peace of mind while growing my money over time but I want MORE!!!

More money for myself and future family. I want my future to be secured and my age is the best age to invest to reap all the benefits from investing so I really wanted to take advantage of that.

If you read some of my previous posts I think you get the vibe now. (wink)

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One time investment should be at least Php 200,000. Aww, sobrang tipid to da max. No more eating out. No more gala. Ughh, no more anything!!! Part of me is telling “gusto mo yan eh di magtiis ka”.

I was just joking. Kaya ko yan. Dapat kayanin to have a brighter life.


My goal of opening a SPVUL account for my age of 25 may seem a bit ambitious for someone who did not come from a well-off family on top my responsibilities. God had called my parents early that’s why I need to provide the needs of my Lola and younger sister.

Despite that, I believe this is achievable. This is just about Php 16,700 per month. If I am able to do some part-time job and some raket on the side then I can cover the amount.


This is where my inspiration kicks in. This is my family of course. I had had a hard time when I lost my parents. For someone who just started to embrace the corporate world and climb the ladder of success, this has been very challenging to me.

I don’t want them to experience the difficulties I faced that’s why I want to secure their future in every possible way.

This must be the strongest point of your SMART goal. If you want your goal to be a success then your goal must really be relevant to you so you won’t lose focus and keep going.


I set my deadline to December 2018. That’s 11 months from today. This will help me track my progress and see if I need to improve something to be able to keep up with my goal.

Nakupo, akala ko yung project lang sa opis ang may deadline pati goal pala kailangan din.

Final Thoughts

SMART is a great tool to help you achieve your goals. If you feel like you’ve been doing a lot from the previous years but haven’t achieved anything yet then this might be a possible solution to that. This can be used to something as simple as saving money.

Saving money might be the easiest thing to do but many fail to achieve it because they lack focus and determination. SMART helps you track your progress ang eventually achieve it within your time frame.


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