3 Things I Learned as I Get Older

Today I turned 29. Oh, I suddenly feel so old. You know, this blog was created to add value to my readers, to you. I used this as an instrument to amplify my voice, reach as many, and help others. But hey, I have to stop here, my blog today shouldn’t be so formal.

It’s a special day for me and I would like to share a piece of me before the day ends. So please spare me from hate. Oops, I think I used that sentence quite a lot in this blog haha!

Things I learned as I get older

I never expected that I’ll receive so much love from all of you. My blog flew to a place I never expected it to be. Now, many are already requesting a vlog! I don’t know why I suddenly feel so scared. But hey, why not. You may see one soon. So please brace yourself “mga ka-wais.”

Isn’t it so cringy?

Tell me it’s not haha!

Okay! Let’s go back to what I really want to share. The things I learned as I get older. Or should I say it’s because of the long travel we’ve made to celebrate my birthday in Tagaytay?

My mind was so free earlier. I took the time to reflect on how I spent my life.

Health is important

I think you heard it a lot. When you are young you have the energy and as you get older you gain wisdom. Well, that’s true, right?

At some point in our lives, we used all our energy to advance in our work. Okay, I’m not telling you it’s wrong.

So don’t give me an eye roll.

I have done it too. I have done it a lot.

But not at the expense of our health. At this time, where health care is a mess. Health is really our wealth.

Spend on experiences

You know, I’m a self-confessed kuripot. No, I’m not “madamot.” That’s different.

I just feel so guilty spending money on myself. It feels so wrong to do impulsive purchases. Or even taking some trips. If you are a breadwinner I think you are also the same haha!

Am I really looking for allies here? So where is my squad?

But then the pandemic made me realize to spend on experience. I’m telling myself, “Ton, life is short so spend it well”.

Having nice dinners with my family. Making quality time with my loved ones. Yes, I need it. And they need it too.

Take a pause

It’s a no-brainer. Millennials are go-getters. We just grab whatever opportunity we can get. We climb the ladder.

Only to find ourselves tired.

Then we compare ourselves with others. How far they have come. That’s when frustrations kick in. And negativity slowly eats us.

Sometimes we just need a break and a KitKat.

Don’t overthink. A pause is not equal to a defeat. You are just preparing and restoring your energy for the climb.

So take a deep breath. Taking a pause is okay.

Enjoy the process.


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