How to Pay Sun Life Traditional Life Insurance and VUL Plans

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plans via online banking and payment centers

UPDATED: 12 June 2020

Congratulations! You are now a step closer to being financially free. As a Sun Life policy owner, you have to settle your insurance premiums to keep it in force and stay on track with your goals. You can do it by paying in any Sun Life Client Service Centers (CSCs) or let your financial advisor collect it from you.

Sometimes, these can be inconvenient for you. So fret not because you have several ways on how you can pay your Sun Maxilink Prime, Sun Maxilink 100, Sun Fit and Well, and other Sun Life insurance plans.

So here’s how to pay your Sun Life insurance plan.

  • Over-the-Counter in Banks
  • Online and Mobile Banking
  • GCash, Paymaya, and other Electronic Cash Wallets
  • Bills Payment Centers

Pay Premium in Sun Life via Over-the-Counter (OTC)

How to Pay Sun Life insurance plan via over-the-counter

Sun Life Accredited Banks for OTC payments:

  • Banco De Oro (BDO)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • Rizal Commercial & Banking Corporation (RCBC)
  • Security Bank & Trust Company (SBTC)
  • UnionBank of the Philippines (Unionbank)
  • Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank)

So here are the steps in paying Sun Life Insurance Plan via over-the-counter

How to Pay Your Sun Life Insurance via BDO over the counter

1. Go to the nearest bank.
2. Get a deposit slip if applicable and choose Bills Payment Facility, and make sure it’s not a deposit.
3. Write/pick Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc.
4. Indicate your policy number as a reference or subscriber’s account number.
5. Proceed to counter and pay.

UPDATE: BDO is now using this cash transaction slip for deposit, bills payment, cash card, and other payments.

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You can also pay using a check transaction slip if you want to pay using your check just follow the previous procedures.

Note: You may see two Sun Life account upon paying your due, i.e., Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. or SLOCPI and Sun Life Asset Management Co. Inc. or SLAMC. Please indicate SLOCPI when paying your insurance policy.

Over-the-Counter via BPI Express Assist (BEA)

  • Go to BPI Express Assist Online
  • Choose “Bills Payment” as your transaction
  • Click Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. under the Insurance Category
  • Input your “Subscriber’s Name” and “Policy Number”
  • Go to your selected BPI Branch and pay

Online Banking and Mobile Banking

Don’t you like convenience? It is why online and mobile banking the preferred choice of my clients in paying their premiums. But first, you have to enroll your Sun Life plan as a bill. Don’t worry, you can do it online, and once registered, you can now pay it both online and mobile app of your bank.

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Via BPI Express Online

So here are the steps in paying your Sun Life insurance plan via BPI online banking:

1.  Log-in to Your BPI  Express Online Account

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BPI Online 01

Login to your account in BPI Express Online. Click here to access your BPI accounts online.

2. Click Other Services and then Enroll Billers

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BPI Online 02

After logging in, you can now click the other services tab and then click the Enroll Billers. Once done, you may click next.

3. Choose “SUNLIF”

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BPI Online 03

Choose “SUNLIF” as your biller and then input your policy number as your reference number. Once done, you can now click next.

4. Review the Information and Click Done

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BPI Online 04

You may review the details and make sure you are enrolling the correct biller.

5. Confirm the OTP

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BPI Online 05

You will be required to confirm the enrollment via OTP, which will be sent to your mobile number.

6. Click Done Once Enrollment is Successful

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BPI Online 06

You will be directed to a page similar to this, which confirms a successful enrollment.

7. Click Payment/Load

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BPI Online 07

Now that you have already enrolled Sun Life as a biller, you can now pay your premium. Click payment/load and insert all the information needed, like the amount you need to pay and the policy number of your insurance plan. Click next.

8. Pay  Your Premium

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BPI Online 08

Review all the details and then click confirm. You will have to verify your payment through OTP, and you’re done.

Via BDO Online Banking

So here are the steps in paying your Sun Life insurance plan via BDO online banking:

1.  Log-in to Your BDO Online Account

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BDO Online 01

Login to your account in BDO Online. Click here to access your BDO accounts online.

2. Click Pay Bills and Reload

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BDO Online 02

Upon signing in, click pay bills and reload > click enrolment > company biller > enroll. Put your policy number as the subscriber number and select other channels you may want to enroll.

3. Wait for the Confirmation Page

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BDO Online 03

Once the enrolment is successful, you can now pay your due.

4. Pay the Premium

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via BDO Online 04

Choose Sun Life of Canada Philippines Inc. and fill out the remaining items then click submit.

That’s it. You just need to enroll your Sun Life insurance first and then pay it just like how you settle your utility bills online.

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Via Metrobank Online Banking

So here’s how you can enroll your Sun Life plan via Metrobank online.

  1. Go to Metrobank Online and log-in to your account
  2. Click “eBanking Solutions.”
  3. Under Pay Bills choose the Register a New Biller
  4. Select Insurance and Preneed from the Category dropdown field.
  5. Click the dropdown button on the Biller Name field.
  6. Choose Sun Life of Canada – Peso or Sun Life of Canada – Dollar
  7. Input your policy number in the Subscriber/Account No. field.
  8. You may leave the Reference No and Phone No. fields blank.
  9. Click Continue and then Register New Biller.

So here’s how to pay your Sun Life plan via Metrobank online.

  1. Go to the Metrobankdirect online account and log-in
  2. Proceed to the Pay Bills page, select Sun Life of Canada in the list of registered billers.
  3. Fill out the details, such as the amount of your premium and payment type–select “Immediate.”
  4. Choose the savings account you want to use.
  5. Then click “Continue” to proceed with the payment.
  6. And then click the “Confirm” button.
  7. Lastly, review your payment transaction.

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Pay Sun Life Premiums via GCash

So here are the steps on how to pay Sun Life via GCash:

1. Launch the GCash App

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via GCash 01

Open the GCash application on your phone and then click the pay bills facility.

2. Choose Insurance

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via GCash 02

Then choose the most appropriate biller category, which is insurance.

3. Click Sun Life of Canada Phils

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via GCash 03

4. Fill-out the Form

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via GCash 04

5. Payment Confirmation

How to Pay Sun Life Insurance Plan via GCash 05

Click the confirm button to proceed in paying your premiums thru GCash. Payment will be posted 2-3 business days after the payment confirmation.

Pay Sun Life Premiums via PayMaya

You can also pay your Sun Life premiums through Paymaya. First, you need to login to your PayMaya account and go to Pay Bill. Just make sure that you have sufficient balance in your account. Now, choose Sun Life of Canada as the biller and insert your policy number as the reference number.

Pay Sun Life via Credit Card

Sun Life is now accepting credit card payments for the VUL plan. However, this option is only available for new life insurance applications and auto-charge agreement for existing clients. Just ask your financial advisor about it, and he will give you the forms needed for the auto-charge arrangement.

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Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA) Facility

You can also automate your payments to Sun Life through the auto-debit arrangement. For now, this is only available for BPI and BDO account holders. Just ask your financial advisor for the form and sign it. You don’t need to go to your respective bank. You just have to give the signed form to your FA, and he will do the work for you.

Other Payment Facilities

Aside from the banks, you can also pay your premiums to SM Customer Center, thru G-Cash, Smart Money, Bayad Center, etc. But remember to put Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. as the payee and your policy number as your reference. And don’t forget to bring a copy of your billing statement.


94 thoughts on “How to Pay Sun Life Traditional Life Insurance and VUL Plans

  1. Thanks for this! Paid my quarterly premium (Sun Fit and Well Advantage 10) via BPI Online. Gaano katagal po bago magreflect as paid sa Sunlife portal website? Thanks.

  2. Hello Federico, Im confused lang, sa portal kasi nakalagay pwede bayaran ang VUL using CC. Pero may nakikita ako sa comment asking this pero sagot is for traditional lang? Thank you

    1. Hi sir. I have a Sunlife Maxilink Prime, can I pay it using RCBC JCB credit card. Also, why is “Pay Now” button disabled when I try to access it.

      1. Hi Lhadel. Currently, we are only accepting Visa and MasterCard cc. If you want to know your other options, just feel free to connect with your advisor. In case, he is not around anymore, just reach out to me on FB so I can extend my help to you. Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Federico, I just read your blog specifically the step by step payment using Gcash. I already paid an hour ago via Gcash (first time to pay using Gcash as the mode of payment) but the info/payment process is different from what you posted. Will my payment be still credited?

    This is the process I followed: (which was forwarded to me)
    -bank transfer to RCBC
    – Account Name: Sun Life of Canada Phils. Inc.
    – Account Number: 3-00100843-8

    I hope you could help me with this. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lea. I’ll assume you already have a policy with Sun Life. The post is for those who are paying their renewals. The one you just did is suitable if you are applying for insurance. So what can you do to have it credited to your account? Send your payment confirmation to your advisor and ask for assistance. It is because you deposited your payment to Sun Life instead of paying it as a biller. Thus, your payment will float in the system because there’s no policy number, where it will be credited.

      Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Sir Federico. I pay quarterly for my Sun Life. Is it okay to pay 2-3 months (or even more) before the due date? like through GCash? thanks.

  5. Hi Federico. Good day, my Sun Life payment was due last April 18, I’m having a hard time to go to Banks due to Covid 19 and lockdown..can I pay at SM bills payment and Savemore?

  6. Good day po! Naglapse po ako sa payment ko close pala kasi ang office ng sunlife where I usually pay dahil sa COVID at late ko na nalaman na pwede pala sa gcash. Payable paba for the next month at wala po bang consequences?

    1. Hi Mariesh. We do understand the struggle and confusion this COVID-19 has brought to our clients. That’s why Sun Life extended the grace period to 90 days. It means that you can still settle your premium due just like you did before.

      Keep safe 🙂

      1. Hi Sir Federico. Can I pay my Sun Maxilink Prime Plan using RCBC Bankard credit card? Thank you 🙂

  7. Hi Sir Federico. May I ask if, which of does have a service fee? For example, bank charges when you pay thru banks? Thank you very much for your super nice article 🙂

  8. Hi Sir,

    Any idea how to change my mode of payment in Sun Life Financial portal? currently, i’m paying by quarter for a premium product. Can I change it to annual payment? Thanks.

    Harvey Cerad

    1. Hi Harvey. You may ask your advisor for applicable forms to process your request. But if it’s a VUL plan, you don’t need those forms. Just proceed in paying to your new and desired mode. Thanks 🙂

    2. Hi Sir Federico. Your article is spot on. If I may ask, can I pay thru Thank you so much for your kind assistance.

        1. Thanks, Melvin for your keen eyes. Btw, you should be looking for Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. just as mentioned on the blog and what you can see in the pictures above. Sometimes we tend to do shortcuts when typing, I’m guilty too. I hope you sort it out. And oh, you can always ask your advisor for guidance too.

    1. Hi Roy. Btw, I just updated my blog post including your option of paying your premium via PayMaya. Thanks 🙂

      1. Federico, how long it will take to see the adjustment on my policy if I used Paymaya as a payment option for my premium?

          1. Sir is possible to pay my insurance using credit card? Iam actually outside the country .. thanks

      1. Hi Federico. I paid for my Sunlife via Paymaya. How long will it take to reflect on Sunlife transaction history?

  9. I paid my monthly premium online via BPI . How would I know if the payment is posted? Will I receive notification from Sunlife? and how long does it take for may payment to be posted?

    1. Hi Grace. Your payment will be posted in 2-3 business days and you will receive a confirmation text/email once your payment is credited to your account. Thanks

      1. Hi Federico, I paid last June 1 via BPI online and have not received any confirmation yet from Sun Life. Thanks 🙂

        1. Hi Maria Victoria. It may take a while in getting your payment posted. But if it yet not posted after another week, you may contact your advisor or the customer service to help you out with your concern. Thank you 🙂

  10. hi! i have 2months delayed payment. just payed 1 month of it. will it be cancelled? vul plan. no notification received from sunlife if my payment already credited

    1. Hi Kristine. You probably made a deposit instead of using the bills payment facility. You may kindly contact your Sun Life advisor to have your payment duly accredited to your account. Thanks!

  11. Is it okay to put the exact amount of payment? (ex.3900) instead of putting the word PREMIUM? Thank you!

    1. Hi Ermalane. You must put the amount of premium you’ll pay. Sorry for the confusion but thanks for pointing that out.

  12. Hi, can I pay using my debit MasterCard from BPI? I usually pay cash through your business office in BGC, just wondering if I can pay with my debit card instead to avoid the hassle of bringing cash. Thanks.

    1. Hi John. They only accept cash and check in our business office. Probably there are ATM’s around you may check that out as an option (I’m from Sun Life Makati so I can’t tell you if there is). Thanks!

  13. Hi,
    How do you cancel the ADA arrangement? I am concerned about my ADA because of the lack of information from my advisor and the bank as for asking about the status of my ADA. I paid the December premium policy and I didn’t know that the ADA pushed through since my FA & BPI can’t answer me properly. So, I just paid twice for the month of December. What will happen to my excess premium? Since I have the ADA already, I am concerned that it will still debit my account for the next month. What I wanna know is how to cancel the ADA as well as what will happen to my excess premium? Can I just go to the any BPI to cancel my ADA, since it takes months just to have this process by my FA. And, she doesn’t know much about the process. Please advise me on how to proceed with my issues, thanks!

    1. Hi Diana. When it comes to ADA, the bank approves the application. Sun Life and your agent will have no control over when it will be approved and yes it may take months. My suggestion is to keep your ADA if you are planning to pay it on a monthly basis. As for your payment, you should have waited at least 3 days after your due date to confirm that your account was not debited before proceeding in paying your dues. Don’t worry your excess premium will go to your investment fund. Thanks!

  14. hi. for the auto-debit method of payment, can the premium be pay via auto-debit either thru bpi or citibank credit card? thanks.

    1. Hi John. If it’s VUL you can do that. Please ask your Sun Life advisor to assist you. He will give you the forms you need to sign. Thanks!

  15. If I pay via gcash, can I pay via gcredit also? Or is gcredit functioning like a credit card also, which isn’t allowed if my insurance is a VUL?

  16. Hi.. Panu naman po when it comes to gcash? Ung ilalagay po bang account number dun eh ung policy number?
    Nakalagay po kase dun, amount, account number at email address.

    1. Hi Mhajo. Please kindly check the blog. I updated it with the step-by-step on how to pay thru GCash. Thanks!

        1. Hi Ryan. Assuming that your plan is traditional policy then you may pay it with your cc just enroll it just like a biller. Thanks!

    1. Hi Rowena. May I know what bank are you using? The general rule is to enroll it first and then pay it just like you are paying your utility bills online.

      1. Hi Sir. I paid my premium last June 2 through BDO online payment which I usually do. My due is on June 9 yet may payment is still not reflecting in my Sunlife Account.

        Should I worry or it’s normal due to this Covid Issue . Please advise, thanks and have a nice day.

  17. Hi, I have a question. I’ll be working overseas and I already have an insurance with you guys. My question is, with BDO Kabayan can I still pay via online even if I’m at overseas? I just opened one and I’m currently waiting for my debit card to be released. I used to pay via payroll account with Security Bank but now that I’m gonna leave PH, I’ll be changing to BDO Kabayan and it concerns me if I can also do the same so that it could be much convenient for me in overseas. Will appreciate your response. Thanks!

  18. Hello Sir,
    How can i pay if for example i am outside philippines and i don’t have any local bank account? Can i pay directly to the sunlife itself using my credit card?
    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Maya. If you have a traditional plan then you can pay it with your CC but you can’t do this if it’s a VUL plan. You may coordinate with your Financial Advisor so he/she can assist you on this matter. Thanks!

    1. Hi Raydee. I believe there are but for vacation only. Sun Life Phil and the rest of insurance companies are not allowed to accept any application signed outside our country. This is mandated by law and strictly implemented. If a policy is applied while outside the country, any claims under that policy are considered null and void.

      Btw, you may get a plan once you take your vacation here. See you at the soonest time. Thanks!

  19. Hi,

    What a helpful article!
    I do have a question lang, how many days before my payment reflect if I already made the payment via BDO online.


    1. Hi Joe. Normally, it’ll take 2-3 working days before it can reflect on your account. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sir Pedro. You can pay at any Sun Life business center. Please note your policy number when paying. Thanks!

        1. Hello Sir, I paid my insurance policy using bancnet. But upon checking after 5days. It is still not posted? How may I know that it will be posted? And how many days it should be posted if usung bancnet online? Thank you

          1. Did you use the pay bills facility? It should only take about 2 to 3 business days to be posted. If you are bothered, you may reach out to your advisor or call the hotline so you can pinpoint what went wrong.

  20. Hi Sir/Madam,
    I am interested to buy a life insurance service from your good company. Please if you are able to send me an service illustration to familiarize on service & product.

    Thank you.
    Sincerely Your’s
    Oscar Estella

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