How I Shopped and Earned in Shopback

shopback reviewHave you remembered my post last January about shopback? If you don’t, you better start reading it so you can start using the application hehe! Mind you, this is guilt-free shopping. Just to give you a primer, this is a success story and I wanted to share how you can apply this on your next online purchase.

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An Honest Shopback Review

Again, Shopback is a third party application. Wait, did you say third-party? Suan third party na naman huhu. Okay! Before you start crying and remembering your ex. This is a different kind of third-party. Di porke’t third party masama na agad! This app allows you to get a percentage of what you spend on your online purchase. Imagine if you have a discount code or voucher that you can use on top of this? That’s a double win!

Did you see that? I earned Php1222.47 from my online purchases. Just to set the record straight, I don’t like shopping because I hate breaking my budget hehe. I know you might be skeptical at this and I also was. Initially, I can’t believe how a third party app like this can deliver its promise so I tried cashing out a portion of my balance.

This is indeed a legit application! Woohoo! As the old saying goes you must be wise in spending your money and that’s what I felt on this. Extra money means extra savings. I simply felt Php1,222.47 richer.


I like how Shopback enables me to get back a portion of what I spent and who wouldn’t love that? In this modern and technologically advanced era, most of our daily routines revolve around the use of the internet. Like cab hailing, Grab and Uber (I hate to let you go), online shopping, Lazada, and Zalora, etc. It’s like modern-day haggling. If you want discounts and rebates then make the most out of this application. This is a must-have application on my phone and soon on yours too. I’m giving this app a big thumbs-up.

Share your experience while using this app in the comment section below. If you have tips and trick please let us know. Happy shopping!


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