TheWiseGuyPh is a Gold Medallion Awardee 2018

August Champions 2018 Gold Medallion Awardee

Are you looking for an insurance plan? If yes then get it from the company you like and an advisor who can guide you well toward financial freedom. Some advisors might focus on their flowery talks and sales pitch. Well, I can only offer you my sincerity to provide you with the best plan and my skills supported by the awards I got. I hope you’ll consider it. That’s why I compiled them here for you to evaluate if I’m worthy of your trust hopefully :).

TheWiseGuyPh Awards (Quicklinks):

1. August Champions 2018 Gold Medallion Awardee
2. Top Rookie Advisor July 2018
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August Champions 2018 Gold Medallion Awardee

I’m glad to share with you that I was able to bag the Gold Medal for the third quarter of 2018. This is only made possible through God’s outpouring grace. He leads me to a lot of people who would like to have the right money mindset. Once again, thank you to my dearest clients for the trust. You may still have a long way to go but you are already a step closer to your financial goal.

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TheWiseGuyPh is the Top Rookie Advisor July 2017

Left-to-right: BM Josephine Rivera, Manila 1A Region Head Jacklyn dela Pena Capps, Federico Suan, Jr., UM Raymund Fabro Camat

Hi guys! This is, Federico Suan, Jr., your Top Rookie Advisor for the Month of July (sorry kinikilig pa din ako with this) in our Branch. This is not the first time I got an award and I was also hailed as the top advisor in lives count last April. Sure that I’m happy because I gained a lot of clients and following on my blog and FB page but what makes me happier is that I was able to touch lives and eventually change their financial future.

TheWiseGuyPh as a Star Fish Thrower

Do you know the story of the starfish thrower? If not, I’m glad to share it with you. The story is about tons of starfish littered as far as the eyes could see along the shore after a strong typhoon that hit an island. Early morning after the typhoon, an old man is walking along the shore and notice a small boy throwing starfish back to the sea. Curious, the man asks the boy what’s he doing? The boy says that he needs to throw them back into the ocean as they will die when the sun gets high. The old man immediately says that he will lack time until the sun rises and wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Do you know what the boy did after? Well, it doesn’t stop him from what he is doing. He immediately picked up another starfish and throw it back to the ocean, he smiled and said, “see, I made a difference in that one”.

As a financial advisor, I may not be able to save the hundred million Filipinos from financial difficulties but I know I did make a difference to few who believes in me and to those I can convince to believe in me.

Top Rookie Advisor in July and Bronze Medallion Awardee

Thank you so much to my clients who’ve shown a strong commitment to a brighter life and in choosing me as their financial advisor. This would have been possible without your trust. Bronze Medallion Awardee (summer campaign) means that an advisor belongs to the top 10% of Sun Life advisors who shown exemplary dedication in providing a quality service and good financial plan to their clients. This award is a strong manifestation of the trust, my clients and future clients (like you!) have shown toward me.

Being as the Top Rookie Advisor is something I didn’t expect to receive but God truly showered me with overflowing blessings that day. Thank you, Lord! This is not possible without your guidance.

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